Why You Should Bathe Today

Good morning! Rise and shine!  I am admittedly a morning person.  I generally have more energy in the morning hours than I do at any other time of the day.  At least, I do now that I am walking through Lyme remission.

Growing up the mornings were always easy for me. I was awake with the sun, and happy to begin a fresh new day. That was until I was hit hard with Lyme Disease.  When I struggled with my Chronic Epstien Barr Virus in my early 20’s I don’t remember dragging through the AM.  This was mainly due to the fact that I was pretty zonked out the whole entire day.  When Lyme came along, I started to really drag in the morning, like drink-a-whole-pot-of-coffee-then-open-my-eyes kind of drag.  It would take hours (and sometimes still does) for my body to wake up and work properly.  I was often in pain, hooked up to an IV, or simply fatigued.  During the hardest times, my parents always encouraged me to shower.


Do you know how exhausting it is to shower when you are in the midst of a full-blown chronic illness attack?  It is VERY exhausting!  It took everything I had in me to go through the motions of bathing.  Many times, I would have to sit on a bench or lean against the shower wall  to simply prop myself up to get clean.  What a draining chore.  Oftentimes, I would have to bathe in the tub because I had a PIIC or a port insertion I had to keep dry. Ugh.

Why then would my parents greatly encourage me to shower?  In part because I am sure I didn’t smell so lovely, but mainly because it was good for my health.  The falling water of the shower itself produces negative ions which are truly excellent for creating a better balanced body (check out this article to read more about how ions affect us). It is important to wash away the sick energy and the tiredness yesterday.  It is equally important to maintain good hygiene because when you are ill, we need to make sure we are not causing more health problems by not washing. Can anyone say skin infections and bacterial infections?

Showering really helps elevate your mental and emotional states of being.  All too often, it is easy for a Spoonie to be depressed. The body is already working hard to balance ever shifting hormones and chemical changes that come with an illness. Add to that feelings of isolation and you have a fertile breeding ground for depression. Getting clean is a huge accomplishment when you are really struggling with a spoonie outbreak.  So, next time you take a shower or a bath get excited about what you accomplished. When it is hard to move but you still took care of yourself and your needs, you can give yourself a pat on the back. You did it!

If it is the only thing that you do today get up and get cleaned up. After that, I give you permission to fall back into bed. 🙂

Stay tuned for some of my favorite products for the bath and shower.

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