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Get Up and Get There

Today I want to discuss the topic of motivation. Lately, the concept of motivation has been popping up all around me. I have had people imply that I am unmotivated when I say, “It is hard to get out of bed today, and get showered and dressed.” Huh. I guess in an earlier time in my life that could have applied. Now? Now, I have all the motivation in the world, but I do not always have the physical ability to actually get there.

But, what if you don’t have the motivation to get there? I had someone else ask me if I could answer how to work up the motivation to shower. It can be very difficult to remember why you need to care for yourself. Why is this such an important activity to do? Why do I spend three posts on this subject?

You are so very valuable. Yes, even when you spend most of the day sleeping or watching tv. You are here for a special purpose and you touch lives everyday, even when there is no one around. Your life, your actions, your very breath is so very important. Never forget that. So if you are so very valuable, you will want to care for yourself as the treasure you are. You are too precious to stay ill, or not share your life with that great big world.

I remember how very difficult it has been to get showered and dressed for the day. I remember just how draining it can be. I recall clearly how painful the falling water felt upon my sore, inflamed, Lymie body. I know how hard it is to get there and get clean. And, honestly, there are days where I don’t get to my shower. After days like those, I feel grungy and exhausted. I have found that rinsing away all of the energy from the day before and exposing myself to those fabulous negative ions found in falling water, really regenerates my spirit, body and mind. This is a basic and necessary action for treating yourself well.

The question then, is how do I maintain the motivation to get up and get to the shower? Here are some tricks I have used. I hope that they are helpful to you as you continue to aid your body in healing.

Get up and go to the bathroom.

Once you are there, turn on the water faucet for your bath or shower. This may take some work, so feel free to sit on the toilet and take a breather. While there, move onto the third step.

Start to undress.

You are already undressed, and the shower is already on. Way to go! It may be very draining so far, but you have come all this way already. Remember just how good it is for your health to get in there and get cleaned up. This step is a motivational talk to give yourself. You got this, and soon you can go back to the bed or couch.

Step into the water. Make sure you have a stool or something solid to lean on if you are too tired to stand. You are in the home stretch. You are here in the shower. Go ahead use that soap, get clean and then get out.

Once you are out of the shower, treat yourself to some comfy clothes and nice feeling lotion. You are exhausted and worn out, but you are feeling better because of all that you did to feel good, clean, normal again. This is why you shower. You care about yourself too much to let you get away with negligence. You are worth it. You are worth treating yourself with love and care and patience. Now you can go snuggle back into bed, unless of course, you feel so good you want to make the bed and spend time in the main room.

You are loved and needed.

May God bless you today,

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