The Gratitude Attitude

Welcome!  We are currently in the midst of Easter Week.  You may or may not celebrate this holiday, like I do, but I want to share with you the joy of this season.  This is a time for celebrating renewal, rebirth, and resurrection.  Right now, I have the windows open on a beautiful, crisp Spring day.  The birds are singing all kinds of melodious songs.  Occasionally I hear a bee buzz by, and the air is fragrant with new flower blooms.  I am so very thankful to live in a place where I can have nature so close and active to me.


As we bid Winter adieu and usher in longer days and more time in the sun, I would like you to consider what you are grateful for.  Hold up.  I am very aware that this is not Thanksgiving we are celebrating, but gratitude is not something we should pass by lightly, like a mumbled sentence before a family gathering.  Gratitude is something we should all participate in everyday.  This is especially true if you are going through turmoil and pain.


There is nothing easy about being in the midst of a downturn in your health.  Just this last week I had tremendous pain to deal with.  For me all over aches, throbs, and searing needles signify potential Lyme relapse if I am not careful to heed what my body is telling me.  The pain for me is a reminder that this illness is always there in the background lurking.  When I am in pain, I am thankful for a comfortable bed in which I can rest and alleviate some of aches.  I am thankful for Epsom Salt baths which warm my muscles and leech the inflammation out. I am thankful that I know what foods help me and which do not serve me well.  I am thankful for an understanding group of friends and family who all pitch in to help.  I am thankful to have access to good plumbing, a beautiful home,  good food, internet, television, Netflix, and my dogs who keep me company and offer plenty of cuddles.


This is what I mean about being grateful everyday.  When you take the time to find the good all around you, you take your attention away from yourself.  You become aware of just how good your life is, even when it isn’t where you would like it to be.  Never forget you have a purpose.  You are created for good.  Try finding 5 things you are grateful for everyday.  You can write these down in a gratitude journal, or on scraps of paper and put them into a jar everyday.  I personally can’t be bothered to do either. Instead, I try to take a minute here and there and completely stop what I am doing.  I close my eyes and reach out with my other senses.  What do I hear, feel, taste?  I then open my eyes and take a look, a really good look.  When I start to search for the beauty around me, I can feel gratitude spilling out.  Look around you, what is wonderful in this moment?


I used to look for that one perfect moment in each day.  Each day has it.  It might be that second where you first taste your coffee, and the cup feels just right in your hand, the air around you is quiet and still, your chair is soft and cozy, and the light is just right.  When I practice this, I find that my attitude is more cheerful and optimistic.  If you may not know, attitude plays a huge part in healing. Find those moments everyday.  Consider it the time of renewal, restoration, health, and joy.  You have been gifted these moments, take time to acknowledge them. I for one, am going to re-implement the Practice of The Perfect Moment.  Follow along with me on my social media sites and share what is your #perfectmoment.  May you have a blessed week.





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