Welcome!  I am so glad that you have decided to drop by.  As someone who has struggled with chronic illness since I was 12, I have learned through trial and error about how to thrive while trying to survive.  This is not a blog on which diets to eat, which supplements to take, nor which therapies to do in order to help your body heal.  There are so many other blogs and resources out there that specialize in that information (check out this blog), and they are much more qualified to deal with those topics.

What I specialize in is the thriving part of surviving.  Meaning, I know what it takes to lift my spirits, to feel good about myself, and to have relationships, all while trying to simply get through the day; a day which may mean that I am stuck in bed for the whole of it. On a practical level, we are going to discuss bathing, makeup, clothes, spirituality, books, entertainment, and most importantly how to “play defense”.

If you are a “Spoonie” (you can find the definition of “spoonie” in this article) this is the place for you.  BUT, you DO NOT need to be a Spoonie to enjoy my blog.  My hope is that everyone can find some great tips for thriving when Life’s autopilot is set to surviving.  I look forward to sharing with you, and learning from you.

Enjoy and may God bless you!